Afterdarkads is the perfect craigslist personals replacement

afterdarkads replaces craigslist personals

The best replacement for craigslist personals is afterdarkads.

Afterdarkads is the best craigslist personals replacement! Craigslist was started back in 1995 in San Francisco as a local classified ads website. This was long before backpage or sites like backpage had even been heard of. Craig Newmark started the site, and the rest is history. Now Craigslist in every city in the world.

One of the most popular sections on craigslist was the craigslist personals section. The Craigslist personals went the same way that the adult services did. Formerly known as craigslist erotic services.  They were taken down because of pressure from the government and groups against adult services.

Escorts on Afterdarkads were once on craigslist personals

Craigslist once allowed escorts and other adult service providers and Asian massage parlors (AMP’s) to advertise. It was even FREE to post your ad! Pressure mounted and craigslist was forced to spend more. They started charging users to post.

The original claim was the small fee would cover expenses and prove there was no illegal activity. No escort on craigslist would use a credit card giving away their identity.  Everyone forgot any person could head to a local gas station for a visa gift card. They did not have to provide any id.

Craigslist Personals were used by MILLIONS!

Craigslist made MILLIONS from the paid adult services section. Back in 2011, craigslist was finally forced to close that section of the site.

craigslist peronals is replaced by

Many escorts and sexworkers went  to backpage. It can be said that the demise of craigslist is what made backpage. Traffic to backpage and sites like backpage certainly exploded as the craigslist adult services section was closed.

Backpage classifieds alternatives

Many escorts and adult services posters began using the craigslist personals section to advertise their services. Craigslist personals was for dating, men seeking women and women seeking men. It had several sections.  The “Casual encounters” section of craigslist and other adult dating was very popular.

You would find a growing number of craigslist personals ads that even explained they were pay to play situations. No one actually thought the beautiful women seeking men in the craigslist personals section had nothing to do with the demise craigslist personals.

Afterdarkads was not the new backpage but was growing. had not yet become the new backpage, as backpage was still operational and growing. It was not till well after the craigslist personals section was closed, as well as backpage being shut down that afterdarkads became the best replacement for craigslist.

Craigslist personals were later shut down at the same time backpage was closed in 2018. The craigslist personals replacement that became the most popular is If you are looking for the new craigslist personals, look to afterdarkads for instance. The best place to look for escort ads and sites like craigslist is afterdarkads in the adult dating and the escorts advertising sections.

craigslist personals closes and replaced by

Craigslist Personals was very popular!

People loved craigslist personals because it was easy to post. It was also easy to search and find escorts and women offering adult services. The same reason that former craigslist personals users are all now posting on afterdarkads. Its simple and easy to post a craigslist personals style ad. For example, in the women seeking men section of afterdarkads.

This new alternative to craigslist has done a great job of making posting the ad, buying ad credits, and the other simple steps it takes to post a craigslist personals ad on super-fast and easy.

Men seeking men in the craigslist personals was a very popular category that is now growing on afterdarkads. TS and other alternative posts are popular in the personal ads and adult dating ads on afterdarkads. Just like when the craigslist personals were the best place to find what you were looking for when it comes to adult services.

Erotic massage, and other similar adult massage services were very popular on craigslist in the craigslist personals section, and with it gone, those posters as well have moved to posting on afterdarkads.

Massage in NYC is found on

Are you looking for massage in NYC? There was a time when the craigslist personals in NYC was the only place you would search. Now afterdarkads is the best place to find these services. The majority of Asian Massage in NYC is using afterdarkads since the  craigslist casual encounters sections was closed.

The same is true for Dallas Texas. Once the craigslist personals in Dallas was full of advertisements from escorts. Since the close, craigslist Dallas has nothing for adult services. Afterdarkads is the best craigslist alternative in the city. If you want to find ads in the Dallas craigslist personals, look in afterdark ads. Hobbyists seeking arrangements with escorts in Dallas once used the craigslist personals.  Now they look to The same adult classifieds and backpage classified ads are on afterdarkads..

The best craigslist personals and backpage alternative.

The site has replaced the craigslist personals in Dallas and NYC.  It is best craigslist alternative for anyone looking for craigslist personals. Men seeking erotic services know they once had to only bother looking in craigslist personals. That’s no longer available, so the best site that is an alternative to craigslist personals is afterdarkads.

There are many options if you are seeking the best craigslist alternative. Afterdarkads is at the top of that list. You can expect to see your favorite Dallas escorts and NYC escorts on afterdarkads. Even Porn Star Escorts are on! Its unfortunate we will likely see craigslist personals return. We should all be grateful the best replacement is afterdarkads!

  • Afterdarkads is the best place for escorts and hobbyists and the new backpage or site like craigslist personals.

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