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asian massage on afterdarkads is the best website to use to find an exotic massage in NYC.

New York City has the best Asian massage in NYC many establishments that specialize in erotic massage and navigating between them to make sure you are satisfied and happy with the services provided can be tough.

Afterdarkads has compiled a list of the best ways to find the best erotic massage in NYC, and tips and tricks on how to make sure you are not ripped off. Not everyone is always looking for the so called “happy ending” or “HE”, but everyone IS looking to make sure the erotic massage they pay for is fulfilling and leaves them feeling good, not ripped off. is now the best website to use to find the best Asian massage in NYC. The city of NYC has many establishments that specialize in Asian massage. Navigating them to make sure you are happy with the services provided can be tough.

Afterdarkads has compiled a list and lots of the best ways to find the Asian massage parlors in NYC. Here you will find tips and tricks on how to make sure you are not ripped off. Because not everyone is always looking for the so called “happy ending” and everyone IS looking to make sure what they pay for is fulfilling. You want to leave feeling great, not arrested or angry for instance.

You need to watch out for illegal Asian massage in NYC!

Erotic massage in NYC is often offered by what is called a “AMP” or Asian massage parlor. AMP’s are often run by Chinese nationals and immigrants and bring with them lot of things to consider. For Instance, getting an oriental massage in NYC often means your massage therapist is a victim of human trafficking.

This is a terrible situation that unfortunately exists in this world and it happens often these days. There are no sure-fire ways to avoid these situations other than to not patronize these establishments. Be careful when you choose a massage parlor and therapist.

If you Find a Asian massage parlor in NYC offering erotic massage services but it appears hidden from the public? Look out. You are most likely in a business guilty of trafficking its “employees” and committing a crime.

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Report all cases where you suspect human trafficking may be taking place at any business to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at:

1 (888) 373-7888

SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)

Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Languages: English, Spanish and 200 more languages


SO You found a great Asian massage in NYC?

You searched for “massage NYC” and found a place that does not look shady, and you feel good giving an erotic massage in NYC a shot? Here are a few things you should consider so that your asian massage in NYC has the best chance of being a “happy” one!

First, expect to enter through some sort of security door because the establishment wants to be safe and secure. Often you are greeted and then brought right into a private room in the massage parlor. Most AMP’s have a head person that greats the client and brings them into the room they will be using. There they are asked what length of time and type of massage they are interested in,

Erotic massage, exotic massage like shiatsu, or Swedish massage. What length of time do you want your erotic massage in NYC to be? Cash payment and credit cards as payment are accepted. Many AMP’s accept credit cards, but let’s stop for a second and think. Happy ending spa looks bad to your accountant. Most people getting an exotic massage in NYC don’t want to explain to anyone what they got at their local oriental massage parlor.

Come Prepared!

Have cash in smaller denominations is a good idea for those looking for massage in NYC. Expect rates of an avg of $60 per hour. (roughly) Generally it’s accepted that a 50% tip gets you the happy ending you are likely looking for. This is NOT always the case, and the real problem you have is you can’t ask because it will get you both arrested!!

If you ask if your Asian massage is actually erotic leading to some sort of “full release” via hand, mouth or other, you will most likely be seen as a cop or working with law enforcement, and then you won’t receive any of the “extra” services most erotic massage in NYC usually comes with.

asian massage and oriental massage on

Now your Oriental massage in NYC Begins!

After you pay, usually you will then meet your actual erotic massage therapist. This lady will usually instruct you to undress, and many (most) AMP’s have what is called a “table shower”, and its exactly what it sounds like… a stone or tile table, with drains that has a pillow, and you are laid down and given a VERY thorough washing.

Expect ALL your bits and pieces to receive plenty of attention. This is as much for your pleasure as it is the Asian girl giving the massage. Imagine what condition some clients must come in! No one wants to be putting their hands and fingers anyplace on a guy that had bad Indian food. Then a few dozen shots of Jagger, and eggs for breakfast. has the best list of massage in NYC and asian massage parlors in NYC has the best list of Asian massage parlors in NYC

When a majority of your paid for time is up, and you are be to turn over, expect this for instance. Often called the flip and at this point usually there is some more light touching and massaging of your various parts. It’s important you don’t start asking for things too aggressively and “soliciting”. Many will make it obvious there is more to come and many want you to be the first to commit a sexual act, like touching yourself.

Once this has happened, they feel you are not police or law enforcement, and then they will proceed, and often begin “the up-sell”. Typically the happy ending during your erotic massage is done via hand and manual stimulation. Often, oral and even “full service” is avail, they will communicate the rate. Expect to now go back to your pants for the cash… no, they won’t let you pay after!

Don’t Get Busted!

If you have found erotic massage services in NYC and gotten to this point and you have paid for “extra services”, you need to know this. In almost every municipality in the country and at any business that advertises Asian massage in NYC, you are now breaking the law. This is becasue this type of sexual services are illegal and can get a person arrested.

No, its unlikely that the police will come kicking in the door the moment your privates end up in the hand of an Asian massage specialist in a AMP (Asian massage parlor in Plano), but you are at risk.

There are cases where police have placed cameras in establishments, and filmed clients coming and going (yes, we just said clients coming…) getting license plate info, and then serving warrants later.

Ask the owner of the New England Patriots how that works out and how he feels. It is reported he like so many others used a site like backpage to find his Asian Erotic Massage in Florida, and now his picture is in the papers, and somewhere out there its alleged that video of his encounter is now evidence in a criminal trial.

Don’ Take Risks!

These are the risks you take when you seek out erotic massage in NYC or any erotic services like those offered at a A.M.P. in NYC. You also run the before mentioned risk of helping keep a victim of human trafficking held captive by the owner of the so-called business you just helped fund.

Afterdarkads recommends only using LEGAL but safe massage services. Use reputable and licensed massage parlors in NYC, but don’t engage in illegal activity.

One common problem is clients that seek erotic massage and are hoping to find the infamous “happy ending”, which is when the client wants “manual stimulation” or a “HJ” (hand job), oral sex, or a number of other ways that a erotic massage can lead to the client having a “full” sexual experience, and those services are not on the menu. This can lead to confusion, anger, ugly situations and even arrest.

ou may also want to first know the difference between many styles of massage, CLICK HERE for another article on the different types of massage!

The TOP TEN best Asian Massage Parlors in NYC


Garden Retreat Spa, Asian Massage NYC

Spa 253 5th Ave 2nd floor ·

Near Madison Square Park

(212) 696-0207

#2 Kobe Spa – Asian Massage

Massage therapist

23 West 56th St FL2

(212) 586-0555


East Spa – Asian Massage Place

Massage therapist

216 E 49th St

(212) 832-3333


Skyline Spa – Asian Massage NYC |


234 W 56th St #2FL

(929) 328-9578

The next 5 best massage in NYC

One Spa | Asian Massage Spa NYC

Massage therapist

831 3rd Ave 3rd fl

Open 24 hours ·

(347) 400-3146


Royal Massage Spa | Asian Massage NYC

Massage spa

206 W 23rd St

(212) 243-1300


Spanish Asian Spa | Table Shower

midtown nyc, asian massage midtown nyc

Massage therapist

35 E 28th St #2floor

Opens 11AM ·

(607) 800-9000


Massage Spa Midtown NYC |

East Garden Massage-Asian Massage

Massage spa

23 West 45th St. FL3

(646) 509-8188


Love You Spa | Asian Massage Parlor |

Massage spa

14 W 45th St

(929) 264-4776


51Osaka Spa | Top Happy Asian Massage | 24hrs | Table Shower

Massage therapist

226 E 51st St

Open 24 hours ·

(917) 587-822

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