What is a body rub?

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Looking for the best body rub massage?

Are you looking for the best body rub massage in your city? Do you know what a body rub is? How is a body rub different than a escort? These questions and many more are on the minds of many people today as they browse afterdarkads and other sites like backpage. Here we will try to explain the differences. Afterdarkads.com has many body rub providers and its important to know what to expect.

For instance, Many people looking for escorts or adult services find sites like backpage and the new backpage afterdarkads. On these adult classifieds they will see many providers advertising “body rubs” in the erotic massage section. Many know exactly what a body rub is. Others may confuse the service with other adult services. Some may think it is the same as a Asian Massage or the services found in a AMP, or Asian Massage Parlor.

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What is a body rub?

A body rub is typically an erotic massage delivered by a naked or barley clothed provider. Body rubs will focus on keeping the massage erotic in addition to sensual. Typical body rubs culminate with the person getting the massage having an orgasm from some form of stimulation. Body rubs often end with a “hand job” or manual stimulation. Sometimes they can finish with oral sex. In many bodyrub massages, the provider will use her naked body to “rub” against the client, using her entire body to bring erotic pleasure.

In some body rub massages, “Russian” body rubs are common, or using the breasts to massage the client’s penis resulting in orgasm. There is also what is known as a “back release” bodyrub. This is when the clients penis is rubbed by the “crack” of the masseuses butt.

As you can see there is a wide variety of body rub massage avail on afterdarkads and other sites like backpage. Since backpage was taken down, many body rub massage providers have looked for a new place to advertise. They have found afterdarkads.com and are very happy. Bodyrub massage therapists love that they don’t pay anything to post free adult classifieds. The providers doing body rubs also hate competing against fake ads. There are no fake ads allowed on afterdarkads.com.

Clients looking for the best body rub also love the fact there are no fake ads. Many fake bodyrub ads are posted by scammers from india and Bangledesh. They pretend to be a real bodyrub massage and

The definition of a bodyrub.

The Urban dictionary defines a body rub HERE

A body rub is technically an erotic massage that may or may not include extras, such as happy endings. Sometimes these take place in hotels or motels; other times the masseuse will come to the client’s home. Experiences with a body rub are very individualized: some offer more intimate services (such as a BJ) based on pay, and others will offer kissing, mutual touch, and even FS.

Often this depends on how familiar the masseuse is with the client. And prices run the gamut from $50-$300 and higher, also depending on what services you want. Men, women, and transgender providers offer body rubs if you’re looking for them, and they’re probably available in just about any city, believe it or not.

bodyrub massage on afterdarkads

Is a body rub massage legal?

Body Rub massages are typically legal in most states as long as there is no sexual stimulation. The definitions vary from state to state. It is important you check your local laws before getting a body rub massage.

A lawyer in Illinois had this to say when asked about bodyrub massages.
“A massage for therapeutic purposes is usually administered by a licensed therapist. Any type of body work on a person, like sports massage, hot stone treatment, Tantric massage etc. may require a license to perform that type of massage on anyone for liability purposes.

If a topless body rub does not involve any proscribed sexual activity or sex acts, it is not illegal in the State of Illinois. But again, if one pushes the envelope with happy endings they usually do not end well in the long run”

The lawsare different in every state.

Body Rubs in Dallas fall under different laws than other places. In Texas, the term “body rub” refers to massage therapy under Texas law. To give body rubs in Texas professionally, you must be licensed. This means completing at least 500 hours of coursework and passing a background check.

If you perform this service without a license, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor, or you may face a felony charge and jail time if you’re a repeat offender. Massages can be done by hand or with massage equipment. They can include such actions as stroking and kneading, and the use of oils, hot or cold packs, heat lamps, tubs and showers.

Massage in NYC falls under a very similar situation. Although there are many AMP’s that operate in New York and provide body rub massage in NYC, some are licensed, and others are not. A client always wants to know what is legal and not legal in the city they get a bodyrub massage in.

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