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The best craigslist personals alternatives people are finding since craigslist took them down are grouped here. Since craigslist removed the craigslist personals and casual encounters, many people still look for sites like craigslist for casual hookups and dating. has become the best craigslist replacement and craigslist personals alternate. Below you can find a comprehensive list of sites that offer craigslist personals.

All sites like craigslist are not the same. Some are dedicated to just casual encounters and adult dating. Others have large adult classifieds sections. Some sites like craigslist have housing rentals and car sales in addition to craigslist personals. Furthermore, all sites do not have the same traffic. Few sites get the traffic craigslist does. This is one reason people need research the best craigslist personals sites. If a site like backpage lets craigslist escorts post on it, but there is no traffic, this is bad.

craigslist personals on afterdarkads

Craigslist Personals sites like need traffic!

A site like craigslist needs to have traffic from both escorts AND clients to survive and grow. If there are lots of clients on the site, but few craigslist escorts or backpage escorts, the site will not be of any benefit. Furthermore, if there are lots of clients seeking escorts, and no actual escorts advertising, the site will not be good.

Craigslist personals were very popular. The casual encounters section had many regular people in addition to many craigslist escorts. These advertisers were actually escorts that were using craigslist personals as a adult classifieds to sell escort services. Some were independent escorts, others worked for escort services on craigslist. Afterdarkads has taken over as the best craigslist alternative for these craigslist escorts.

Craigslist Backpage is a popular search. is a great site and ranks very well for this search and others. has become the best craigslist personals replacement in most locations in the US. For example, The craigslist Dallas search will show you that afterdarkads is a great site like craigslist that has backpage personals and adult classified ads. This is also true is you search Craigslist personals NYC or craigslist personals Charlotte.

Beware of the fake craigslist escort ads!

Afterdarkads has many craigslist escort ads in Charlotte. Cities like Houston have new ads for escorts being posted every day. Some craigslist Houston escorts are using the adult dating section of IN addition, they post now that craigslist casual encounters are no longer available. Afterdarkads works hard to make sure that craigslist escorts posting on afterdarkads are all real escorts, not fake ads or scams.

Many scams for craigslist personals are out there, look out! Afterdarkads vets each and every ad to make sure the craigslist personals advertisers and backpage escorts are real. If a backpage escort posts to the adult classifieds on afterdarkads, it must be a real advertisement. Craigslist personals did not check to make sure all the ads were real. Afterdarkads prevents clients from getting scammed by not allowing these craigslist escorts to post fake ads.

craigslist peronals is replaced by

Don’t let a craigslist escort take a deposit and run!

In addition to fake ads, many craigslist escorts stole deposits. works to make sure the advertisements from escorts are not scamming customers. The casual encounters section of craigslist was full of these deposit thieves. has a guide HERE to help spot fake ads. Adult classified ads on afterdarkads are also full of terms that can be confusing to former craigslist escorts. Find a list of terms for escorts and escort ads HERE.

In conclusion, anyone looking for the best craigslist personals alternatives should use Craigslist personals may be gone, but there is a new backpage style site, and it is afterdarkads. For a great read on why craigslist removed personal ads, you can read about it HERE.

Use afterdarkads for craigslist personals!

  • Afterdarkads is the best place for escorts and hobbyists and the new backpage or site like craigslist personals.

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