What to Expect When You Hire an Escort

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DO you know what to expect when you hire an escort? When people do business together, regardless of the industry, it has its own set of unwritten rules. For example, bandanna’s are not a great choice for bank customers. Banks know what to expect from their clients and most clients know how not to get arrested.

Finishing a business transaction can be tricky if one of the parties involved don’t know these unwritten rules. When the services are set up through code words and acronyms it can cause issues. Only a clear set of expectations can save you from misunderstandings and problems.

This may sound like the first time you do you rebuild a car on your own, there may be a more nerve-wrecking first time experience—and that’s your first time with an escort. So much of hiring an escort depends on both clients and escorts properly communicating expectations and desires.

The Type of Encounter Depends on the Type of Escort you hire.

What to expect from an encounter with an escort depends on the kind of escort you hire. First, there’s the street kind or street walkers. The Wal-Mart variety, if you will. These tend to be very inexpensive. You get what you get, and hopefully the clients don’t get a disease. Furthermore, the same goes for the provider.

Occasionally street escorts will join up and get a room. They then find an internet connection to post their ads on sites like backpage. Many are now using afterdarkads.com. These girls are still somewhat street walkers, only slightly more expensive. They are just street walkers with a room. Many will work out of cars and alley ways. These “escorts” are typically great for a very fast encounter, and you tend to tun the biggest risk of robbery or worse.

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When you hire an Escort or Independent Escort

On the scale of escorts, the next would be your local level everyday escort. This is also known as an “independent escort” They tend to be escorts that formerly worked for an escort service or escort agency. They are def a step up from your street walkers. Most will not do “car dates” and usually have a better infrastructure. They tend to have their own transportation and or a driver. Many will still offer an “incall” or their own location hobbyists `and clients can visit. You can expect a cleaner and more “complete” experience with this kind of escort.

On the scale of escorts and what to expect, next up would be the escort that is hired through an agency. Escort services, or escort agencies look for girls working as independents, housewives needing to make ends meet, and younger college types. Escort services are often just pimps with a website. Others are well run businesses that are providing a service to both clients and escorts. You can generally expect a better looking and “cleaner” experience with an escort hired through an agency.

What about when you hire an Escort Service or Escort Agency?

Escort services tend to work like an answering service. The client finds the agency on sites like craigslist or an adult classified site like backpage. Backpage alternatives like afterdarkads.com are a great place to find escorts near me.

Up after escorts from an escort service is the courtesan—a classification most escorts dream of being someday. The courtesan is expensive and elite. Some escort services offer courtesan level providers in addition to elite escorts. The courtesan is going to travel, and she may even research the company and the business her client owns in order to familiarize herself with the client. The elite level escort can charge upwards of $500 an hour. They usually have extensive screening processes. There are many high-class escorts and courtesans on afterdarkads.

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What to expect during the hiring process:

Most first encounters will start with a phone call or text. If hiring a high level escort or courtesan it may be an email that starts the process. A good escort or escort service use the first contact with a client to put them at ease. They try to discover what the client is looking for. Every escort is different, and it really comes down to what the client is looking for. If a client wants to learn more about what to ask for, he can go online to sites like afterdarkads.

Afterdarkads has a great list of common escort terms and definitions here. There are also escort review websites that can tell them who to avoid, like usasexguide.nl.  usasexguide is a GREAT site that is well run. It has lots of escort reviews.  A client can join these sites for free, and review as a guest.

Escort reviews are a great way for clients to see what experience other hobbyists have had when they hire an escort. Afterdarkads.com recommends always checking escort reviews and reading up on an escort before making an appointment.

Avoid scams!

There are MANY scams and ways to get yourself into a bad situation. Afterdarkads has a great article HERE on how to avoid these situations and protect yourself. The easiest way to spot a fake is simply google the phone number in the ad. If you see the same number posted in 3 dozen cities, its usually a good bet it’s a fake ad or scam.

NO real escort requires you to join a website or cam site to prove you are real. This is a common scam. Another scam is the deposit. There are girls posting on backpage alternatives like afterdarkads. They use very believable pics, and might even be in the city they advertise in. Some use tricks like mapping the area and learning where things are. Or they will say things like “I am at the motel 6 by the Walmart” giving the client the false impression that they are in the actual city. They may be. They can provide actual pics even.

Clients feel safe when a girl can provide a pic they requested. For example, the client asks for a pic of the escort holding up 3 fingers, and since it’s the actual girl running the scam, she can send that pic.

The escort then tells the client it is a $xxx deposit to book the appointment. Some ask for a gift card, others use cash ap, venmo, even bitcoin. She is not at the location, and never intends to see the client. Once she has the funds, she ghosts him and he is screwed. What is he gonna do, call the cops?

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How to communicate with the Escort

Some escorts are fine with texting. Others will require you call and do not want texts. Escorts are often bombarded with texts. They get shoppers that have sent the same text to every escort listed on sites like backpage. The new backpage, afterdarkads lets escorts specify if they want to receive texts or not.

If you call an escort from a blocked number some may not answer. When they do she’ll likely talk with you but she’ll ask that you call back from an un-blocked number. If you’re wanting an outcall visit to your home or hotel room, the escort will ask for the hotel name and room number. She’ll call the room ahead of time to ensure you answer.

If you hire an escort they will often will ask questions of clients to find out what they’re looking for. What would make them happy and what would make it special. Some guys don’t know what will make them happy, because they’ve never been asked that before.

First time clients or new clients may want to ask the escort a few questions. One important question may be whether the escort allows for MSOG or multiple shots on goal. This question determines whether the client is allowed more than one orgasm per session. For some escorts it doesn’t matter how much time they’ve paid for. If they cum they’re done.

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Escorts working for Escort Services are often different

Escorts who work for agencies must often work around stricter rules than independent escorts. Escort agencies are often strict about time. Many escort services will charge the escort more money if they stay just moments longer than the arranged time. Hire an escort and understand their time is money.

When that buzzer goes off, they are done. Independent escorts make their own rules. They can offer clients a block of time and let what happens dictate the time. The escorts comfort with the client will be a factor. Many independent escorts want the client to feel spoiled, pampered and to get every minute he pays for.

How Should you pay?

When you hire an escort, most prefer cash in an envelope. Some are too polite to count it in front of a client but will leave the room momentarily to ensure she’s not being short-changed. Those first minutes at the door are important, as it’s the client’s chance to see the escort in full light and to make sure he’s not falling victim to a bait and switch or a scam.

It is normal for clients to be nervous the first time. A good escort will know how to ease the transition to the bedroom. Some are so nervous I have to make them coffee and we’ll sit and chat for twenty minutes before leading him to the bedroom,” said one escort when asked.

Some ads are misleading. The escorts don’t look like their pictures or it’s not what he was expecting. Once the clothes come off, there are no refunds so it’s important for a client to ensure he’s getting what he wants.

An escort is equally free to make judgments about you, and free to turn you away without explanation. Many escorts turn clients away for behaving badly, or simply because they gave her a bad feeling. Sharing what you’re looking for with the escort beforehand can help guarantee that when you finally reach that bedroom, the client is happy.

If you want your mind blown when you get there, give the escort as much information as you can to make sure it happens. If you have a fetish, let her know ahead of time so she can be prepared with the appropriate items or a plan.

report human trafficking now!
afterdarkads hates human traffickers

Stop human trafficking!

Afterdarkads wants clients to be safe when they hire an escort, as well as the sexworkers and escorts that advertise with them. One thing afterdarkads is particularly worried about is human trafficking and the exploitation of sexworkers and people. Afterdarkads does their best to look at every ad, and pic posted. ANYTHING that looks suspect is removed. Anytime they see anything looking in any way like a human trafficking situation is reported to authorities.

Ads with pics of anyone that look even close to underage or young are removed and reported. It is important clients report anything they see as well. If you get ANY indication the escort you are interacting with is a victim or hostage, you are as guilty in the situation as the person exploiting the victim. Report anything you see!

Afterdarkads is the best new site like backpage. Craigslist personals and craigslist escorts are all now advertising on afterdarkads. However, afterdarkads.com will not allow criminal acts or anyone to be exploited through advertising on its adult classified site. Afterdarkads feels that 2 consenting adults should be able to do what they want behind closed doors. A human being held captive or forced to work as an escort is not a consenting adult.

  • Afterdarkads is the best place for escorts and hobbyists and the new backpage or site like craigslist personals.

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