Report human trafficking. Afterdarkads is against any form of human trafficking.

Report human trafficking. Foremost is our absolute hatred for those that hurt children and women.

If you want to report human trafficking or suspected exploitation of a minor, or any form of human trafficking, CLICK HERE

First, a message to anyone that tires to use afterdarkads for the purposes of exploiting children or women, pimps and other similar scum:

This is simple and to the point. We hate you, and we want you dead. Furthermore, we will do anything we can to hurt you. Afterdarkads  will freely give your information, IP, phone, pics, and any and all other data we can collect to the police, FBI and anyone else that wants it. Hell, if a biker gang asks us for info promising to hunt you and beat you into a coma, we will not only send them the info they want, we will ask how we can send them money or any other resources.

This especially goes for anyone trafficking children. Please, PLEASE let us see you try to post an ad on this site for an underage person, We will not stop until you are at a minimum found and prosecuted.

Pimps, you are the lowest form of life second only to those that exploit children, we know you are VERY good at hiding your activity, but it does become apparent over time. We have staff always looking at EVERY ad. We will do all sorts of shady slippery things in attempts to find your ads. When we do, we will offer our services to local law enforcement, as well as anyone else we can find in attempts to hunt you, find you , and stop you.

We WILL help the cops find you.

We do not require a subpoena from law enforcement.  This site is not going to protect ANY information from anyone suspected of trafficking or exploiting others. Furthermore,  Afterdarkads will not only give them the info they want freely and with ease, we will offer them help in ways no other site will or can. As a escort site, Afterdarkads will advise them on better ways to catch you. This site want to be the polices biggest tool in hunting you and finding you and prosecuting you.

To real sexworkers, we are you biggest advocate and biggest protector. For instance, We WILL protect you at all costs. You have nothing to fear if you are a genuine sexworker. One that chooses of his or her own free will to work in this industry. We offer free advertising, help with advertising. In addition to legal assistance and advice, links to other advocacy and groups and even cold hard cash.

If you are in a situation you need help out of, are being exploited/ trafficked, PLEASE reach out to us. Via text at (910) 446-3647‬ or email at HELPME (@) We will find a way to help you. If you are in an emergency, call 911. Call the local police. Do not wait for us to respond. Call the authorities. They will NOT hurt you or arrest you if someone is exploiting you, trafficking you, raping you. Do not believe the lies. The police are there to help, and they WILL help you. If you need assistance explaining your situation, or a mediator to help get the police involved, please reach out!