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How to contact Afterdarkads regarding illegal activity (for police/law enforcement)

Attn Law enforcement!

Here is something we would like you to have a chuckle at….

There is not a single ad on this site that allows you to actually contact the person being advertised in the adult, escorts, or ANY section. ALL phone numbers, emails, any way of contacting the people advertising is removed.

In essence, this is not a “real” site. The entire purpose of the site is to direct traffic to adult dating sites like Ashley Madison, or other “legal” adult sites, or sell affiliate products suck as male enhancement pills.

We do not actually allow anyone to advertise. Sure, they can post ads that say all sorts of stuff… pics… etc… They can sign up, post ads… etc… but before an ad goes live it is edited to remove any contact info.

We allow them to sign up and “post” simply to continue to give the site the APPEARANCE of being a real site like backpage, advertising escort services and whatnot…

But try to actually contact one of them. We dont allow it. We go as far as we can to make the site at first glance APPEAR to be a real site advertising escorts… but its all a ruse. WE do not want anyone trafficked or exploited. We do not believe we can accurately spot all situations that are human trafficking or underage activity… so we made it simple… we let the advertisers THINK they are advertising, we let the “johns” THINK they are browsing real ads… but they will never be able to contact anyone… along the way we hope the click some of our affiliate links before they figure it out… but thats it. We take no money for posting ads, we make it impossible for anyone to ever actually be exploited or hurt through our site. We allowed “real” escorts to post for a few months so we could get enough ads on the site to make it look real, then made the decision to clean the site of any and all contact information. We allow new users to sign up and post ads… but before allowing any ad to go live, we clean it of any contact info. We despise human traffickers and anyone that would ever hurt a child, and will continue to forward any and all intel we find on anyone we suspect of doing such a thing. We believe that escorting and similar activity SHOULD be legal between consenting adults… but… its not… and given the way the world is going, we dont want to be the next backpage owners behind bars or worse allow anyone be hurt through our site.

We are still happy to work with you in any way we can, but please note before you launch an investigation and decide to show up in a bunch of black SUV”s… this site is not real. we are just trying to make a few bucks passively getting dumbass’s that WERE looking for an escort to sign up for ashley madison or buy some pills they think will make their junk bigger. IF there is anything we can do to help you… just reach out, please.

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