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The best and worse escort review sites on the web

There are escort reviews and hobbyist forums all over the web. Many escort review sites and hobbyists review boards for escorts are found online. They are unique places and can provide a lot of information for escorts and for people seeking escorts. There are escort reviews and escort advertisements available, in addition to discussions between hobbyists.

Escort review boards can be a very finicky place. Many hobbyists are very tough with reviews of escorts. They can be vulgar and mean. Sometimes escorts post fake reviews of competing escorts, and other times a client has a bad experience with an escort and posts reviews to hurt him or her.

What is found on escort reviews and hobbyist forums?

Positive escort reviews can really be a boost for an escort or sexworkers business. One of the biggest problems facing clients is fake pics, fake ads, and escorts that pull the old “bait and switch”. This is when an escort agency or escort service advertises one pic or rate, and then another girl that looks nothing like the pictures shows up or demands different rates.

escort reviews on afterdarkads

Escort review boards help avoid fakes and fraud

Clients that don’t want to take these risks or deal with these problems like to use escort review boards. Other clients will post their review of an escort, detailing their experience. May times they will use a lot of escort lingo and abbreviations. Find comprehensive list of terms HERE. There are many very popular terms that are easy to understand and remember, such as GFE, (Girl Friend Experience) or BJ (blow job).

Other terms can be weird, funny, and crazy. For instance, BBBJTCIMNQNS. This hilariously means Bare Back (no condom) Blow Job To Cum In Mouth No Quit No Spit. The explanation should be obvious.Lots of funny terms are found on most escort reviews and hobbyist forums.

Another thing you can find on escort message boards is reviews of clients from escorts and sexworkers. Just as many clients like to bash sexworkers, today’s escorts have made a sport of shaming clients. Often this is much deserved, as escorts face a plethora of crazy messages and requests and common annoyances. For example, most escorts will get endless “dick pics” sent from clients, as though some dick pic from a barley groomed overweight man will be so amazing, they want to have sex with him for free.

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Clients on escort reviews and hobbyist forums can be annoying

Often, they get the text shopper. This client is sending high-end escorts a text offering $50 for a QV (quick visit). This annoys many escorts and sexworkers, especially when their ad says, “no texts” and advertises rates of $400/hr +. Another common occurrence that angers many escorts is the client that treats them like garbage. Getting “angry” when they refuse to see him without screening or when they try to negotiate a rate.

It is important for clients to treat escorts with dignity and respect, as they are human beings, not trash. This is a 2-way street. Yes, many clients could never spend time with a woman as beautiful and sexy as the escort they hired. This often leads many escorts to feel “entitled” and “better than” the client, making it easy and even fun for them to poke fun at and belittle the client.

This can be found in abundance on many escort boards and in escort review forums. It is also a sad fact that many clients feel the need to insult the same escorts on the same escort review boards. Anyone starting out on these sites needs to sit back and read a bit, get a feel for the general tone. If you find a site to be overly crass and insulting, its best you leave and visit a more popular and respectful site. Sites like are FANTASTIC resources and have great moderators.

usasexguide on afterdarkads

Usasexguide is one of the largest escort review sites on the web is a huge site full of resources and reviews of escorts. You can find out almost everything there is to know about the hobby. There is advertising, escort reviews, strip club reviews and much more. If you are looking for body rubs, there are entire sections in every city dedicated to reviewing the local AMP (Asian massage parlor). The entire country is broken down by state and then city/ region. In each you can find topic specific threads and forums. Escort reviews and streetwalker reports are 2 of the most popular sections.

Escort reviews on usasexguide tend to be very honest and accurate. Many of the hobbyists have been there for a long time and are well known in their communities. This leads other members to trust escort reports from these members. If a specific member posts a review of an escort or streetwalker, or reviews a strip club, it is generally obvious if real and accurate or not.

usasexguide moderators do a great job!

The moderators on the site do a fantastic job of eliminating spam and shill posts. Many escorts have also found to be a great way to interact directly with clients. Much information is shared, and it can be a fantastic way to chat with a sexworkers before setting a date to meet with them.

Some forums on usasexguide are more popular than others. There are many escort reviews and hobbyist forums. However, the site has a huge following of both escorts and sexworkers as well as hobbyists and clients alike. HIGHLY recommends usasexguide to anyone in the hobby.

escort reviews on

Another fantastic site is “” is a escort message board geared more to sexworkers. It allows them to interact and discuss the business and has many great resources. There are easy ways for escorts to advertise their services to clients. The clients on sites like ourhome2 and usasexguide are almost guaranteed to not be law enforcement or part of a prostitution sting. Similarly, the escorts are almost guaranteed not to be police, so both hobbyist and sexworkers can interact without much fear of legal issues.

Ourhome2. has some wonderful members, both escorts and hobbyists. generally the tone is VERY friendly and helpful. One thing that is really noteworthy is how helpful long time members are to new posters. A recent thread mentioning is HERE and you can really see how great sexworkers and hobbyists alike treated the new member.

Great responses from ourhome2 members

The member in question advertises with us here on and pointed this thread out to us regarding her move to Dallas. It is of note how well she treated us. More worthy of recognition is how welcoming and helpful ALL members of the board were to her. In many other forums she would of been seen as competition.

We cant thank her enough for her kind comments regarding us, or the board members for how she was treated. Afterdarkads HIGHLY recommends ourhome2 as a resource for both escorts and hobbyists. Please continue their apparent welcome and friendly attitude if you plan to post there.

It is also to be noted that escorts and hobbyists interacting on sites like these are almost NEVER victims of human trafficking or pimps. The one thing that has destroyed the industry and hurt so many thousands is the disgusting act of human trafficking. Sexworkers who provide escort services, in addition to body rubs and other erotic services by choice are the only people allowed to advertise on afterdarkads. Furthermore, ANY ads suspected of being human trafficking is removed and reported. It would be very rare for a victim to be posting on a escort review board, and those committing these disgusting acts typically don’t post either.

The Valley Scott Blog

Several supporters have mentioned the Valley Scott Blog, and at first glance, the site looks great. It appears to have REAL reviews written by a real hobbyist with a lot of great insight and knowledge of the industry. This is a def great site to keep an eye on.

If you know of a escort reviews and hobbyist forums in addition to a great escort review board or place that escorts and hobbyists post, please send it and a brief description to us at info (@)